Miss Deepita: 

Hello, I am Deepita of Kendriya Vidyalaya  Maligaon. I  am currently studying in class 10.I am very grateful to be  a part of  Thinkquest. I love working on Thinkquest. Besides working on Thinkquest, I also like painting,reading story books, photography,watching the night sky and listening to music. I like to explore everything. Among subjects, I like science. I like to read books by Stephen Hawking.
 This project gave me an opportunity to explore a very interesting field  which is generally not explored.Our project is on Learning Disabilities. I found this subject very interesting. By being a part of this project I got the opportunity to learn many things which i did not even thought about before.

Miss Banashree: 

Hello! I am Banashree. I am a student of Kendriya Vidyalaya Maligaon and currently studying in 10th standard. My interests include music, painting, traveling, photography etc. I spend my spare time reading novels and books. Among authors, I admire Dan Brown. His writing style has always intrigued me. Recently I have been keeping myself engaged in Calligraphy. It's a wonderful piece of art and I am truly fascinated by it. 
After being a member of this project I found myself in a very different field of experience. In this fast pacing world people often forget to put their attention to some very important subjects and one of them is our topic itself. Learning disabilities is among the serious issues that are overlooked by most of the people. And I am glad that me along with my fellow members are trying to put a light on the matter.  

Master Abdul

Hello everyone! I am Abdul Noor....a student of class X in Kendriya Vidyalaya Project Sewak Dimapur  residing in Dimapur, Nagaland. I am not boasting that I am one of the  most popular student in my school but my friends say that it is difficult to understand me because I am able to do anything at any moment. A problem with me is that I am very talkative. My friends says that I am a friendly guy. My hobbies are reading books, listening music and chatting. I love playing cricket and volleyball. I believe in helping needy people.
I am glad that I am a part of this project and letting people know about "Learning Disabilities". 

Master Vineet: 
Hi! My self Vineet of Kendriya vidyalaya (Sewak) Dimapur . My birth date is 6 May 1996. My best part of this school is that I have learn many good things from this school specially this part of THINK QUEST. Uttrakhand is my native place and I belong to this place. Our Uttrakhand is very peaceful and calm specially you will see the hill areas which is cool like ice in winter this place is like nature on the lap of beauty. There are very beautiful place to visit there like :- Nainital , Pithoraghar , Almora , specially Haridwar (the place of Ayurveda & river Ganga) My hobbies are to play Batminton , chatting on facebook, playing games in PSPs and PS2 and read novels specially Chetan bhagat and Shiv khera. The aim of my life is to become a animation engineer to achieve my aim I have to take computer science with maths after 10 th and from this aim I want to go very high and touch the last end of success. I will only say at last that be cool in your life and live free & rock.
I am very much grateful to be a part of this project. And it's kind of fascinating that I came to know about learning disability as I was not much aware of it. 

Master Atul:
Hello Friends! I am Atul, a student of class IX. Working on Think quest is my passion. I love to work on projects assigned by my teachers. The class is my friend and football is my favorite game. I love to work on ThinkQuets and online projects.

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 Master Pragya:
Hello Friends
I am Pragya a student of Class 12 in Kendriya Vidyalaya No.1 Jodhpur, Rajasthan.
I love to compose poems in Urdu. I am happy to be a member of this wonderful project.

About our Coach: 

Mr Anutosh Deb, Art Teacher from Kendriya Vidyalaya NFR Maligaon.
He is our Art Teacher working with Kendriya Vidyalaya NFR Maligaon, Guwahati, India. In February 2008, he participated in the 4 day training on Project Based Learning at 21st Century Learning Institute, Singapore. He has been invited by schools in Rome, Italy to participate in school based projects in 2007 & 2009. He has been recently awarded the (Education Foundation of India) EQFI 2008 and the Microsoft ITLA 2009 Awards for his contribution to ICT.
He is very passionate about photography. Most of the time he is seen with his camera. He has guided us like a true coach and facilitated us throughout the project 24X7. Without his guidance it would have been a whole lot difficult for us to make this project presentable and make people aware about learning disabilities.
We, the members of this project, are thankful to him and wish to convey our gratitude towards him for the hard work and collaboration.  
                           :- Banashree, Deepita, Abdul , Vineet, Pragya & Atul.


Anonymous said...

Great Team! And amazing work! Keep it up.

Dr. Amitabh Pandey said...

Amazing work done by the team. No wonder I could come to know so much that I was living with all around. You all have opened an eye for many like me. The first hand experiences that has been shared is worth reading and it really makes me think.
You have certainly made a great blog. Keep adding more information.
All the best!

Anonymous said...

which agegroup are you competing in?

Mr.Deb said...

Under 19