Tuesday, April 26, 2011


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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Survey of Principal



Mr. C Valmiki

Q-1- How much do you think that student is gaining knowledge from interaction with teachers?

(a) 0% to 40% ( )

(b) 40% to 80% ( )

(c) More than 80% ( )

(d) Can’t say ( )

Ans- (a)o% to 40%

Q-2- Sir do you think that if the student were taken out of studies and give his/her favorite field then it can do that work better then studies?

(a) Yes, definitely. ( )

(b) May not but the student will happy with that. ( )

(c) The student will fail on that. ( )

(d) Can’t say.( )

Ans- (a) Yes, definitely.

Q-3-Sir in your point of view how could you explain the learning disabilities in children?
1- Poor concentration

2- Lack of attention while hearing

3- Poor target

4- Lace of interest in other than textbooks.

Q-4-As a Principal how would you tackle the disabilities due to financial status?

(a) By motivating

(b) By inspiring speaks

(c) By strengthening Vidyalaya infrastructure.

Q-5-Sir kindly tell your four priorities to overcome the learning disabilities.

(1) By improving Vidyalaya needs of good furniture’s & other things

(2) By encouraging & motivating teachers

(3) By giving inspiring speech.

Kunal a Special Child

Kunal Kumar is a now a 14 year old student studying in class 10th. Though Kunal is a very hard working student but nowadays he is unable to understand the instructions imparted in the classrooms. May be due to his poor I.Q level he could be facing the difficulties, however his dedication and hard work are sources of inspiration to others.

Conversation between Me and Kunal.
Vineet- When teacher teaches you in the class do you really understand or not?
Kunal- I try to understand but after some time I use to forget.
Vineet- I observe you in the class and you are mostly seen busy with studies, does it really benefit you?
Kunal- I am always trying to be better in studies and it goes well when I study at home and school but when it come to write in examination or if I try to express my knowledge orally I become weak and then everything becomes difficult for me.
Vineet- Aunty you must have many expectations from your son and you must expect but what is the problem that gives you tension about Kunal?

Conversation between Me and Aunty (Mother of Kunal).
Aunty- He works very hard on his studies and there is a feeling of tension in his mind when the exams come near. He learns in the evening and in the next morning he says he forgot what he read.
Vineet- From when does Kunal have this problem?
Aunty- This problem started when he was 3 years old. We spent a lot of money for his treatment and now he has improved a bit. He wants to study that’s why we are giving him chance to study. Making him sit in home will neither benefit him nor will we be benefited. We think that if he studies then he will get some help from that. For exams he says no to studies. He has the fear of examination and does not feel like appearing in exams. He says that he may fail so he won’t appear in exams. I feel so sorry for him but proud of my child.
Vineet- Thank you Aunty. I think your views will support Kunal to sustain in the future...

Our observation:
After viewing this video we could see how the effects of learning disabilities when not diagnosed at the early or foundation stage of a child’s career makes it so difficult at a later stage where parents are compelled to go for clinical treatment of a symptom if spotted at the right moment.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Aakash: A Special Child!!

We observed the behavior of Aakash, a new student of our school who just started his school life. He is pretty much different than the other newcomers....Most of the time he is seen enjoying his own life with his own thoughts. He is not afraid of teachers and is always walking and running around cheerfully. The teachers love him the way he is and is always helping him with his studies but they say that he is not much into studies. And that during music class he plays the drum heart-fully.